Launching your intranet without the right tools is really hard. Take a tip from one who's tried!

Implementing your OptEngage Intranet

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the implementation process. The good news is because of the tools and options we provide, you can rest assued that your implementation will be a success.

And you have choices, On the one hand, you can do it yourself; in which case you assign an in-house project team to customize OptEngage to your needs. On the other hand, you can contract with an OptEngage partner to assist in your implementation.

It's your choice: it all depends on your resources, timeline and budget.

The Right Tools

All implementation tasks are completed by a Business Analyst using the OptEngage Configurator; developers are not required.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or outsource to a partner, your implementation team will use the suite of purpose-built, proprietary OptEngage implementation tools and processes. These tools allow your team to be highly effective; thereby driving down your costs and getting your site up and running rapidly.

The main tool you will use is the OptEngage Configurator: an integrated suite of dynamic web forms and server logic that captures the relevant aspects of your organization. More specifically, the Configurator creates a digital model of your organization inside the OptEngage database.

About the OptEngage Configurator

As mentioned, the Configurator creates a digital model of your organization. This model codifies all relevant aspects of your organization, including your locations, divisions, and departments, Key Performance Indicators, software applications, training resources, collaboration tools and processes, team assignments, internal communication practices, security roles, document management practices, project management practices, and the like.

Using the Configurator

You just follow the prompts; the Configurator models your organization and generates the server code. You don't have to spend time adding pages, menus, content apps, or any of the underlying technical elements. You just respond to the prompts and the Configurator automatically builds the site to your specific requirements; ready for your content.

Department Configuration
Workspace Configuration

What Happens when our Organization Changes?

We all know that companies change over time. Going forward your site will need to adapt to the changes you will experience: you may re-organize your business; change your product line; add new KPIs and the like.

No problem; you just use the Site Management Console to apply these updates. The Site Management Console tools are analogous to the Configurator; but they handle all the changes you will make over time. The net result is your intranet is always current.

Benefits of the Configurator

  • The Configurator automatically creates the client-specific taxonomy that drives our Structured Content functionality.
  • The time and resources to launch your site are dramatically reduced.
  • The Configurator-supported implementation is faster, cheaper and better than traditional intranet lanuch approaches.
  • As the data model is stored in the database, manual entries and chances for errors are minimized.

Communicating your New Intranet

Launching your new intranet is a big deal. And you will want to promote it!

OptEngage includes a number of pre-built launch communication tools that you can use for your own launch communications. All the pre-built items are 100% editable by your team to insure the messaging is totally on point for your organization.

Check out some of the launch communication assets availalbe to you:

Drip Email Campaign

A series of email communications to your employees leading up to the launch.

Teaser Site with Countdown

A pre-launch single page teaser site to prep employees for the launch

Leadership Communications

Email communications targeted to your senior leadership to engage their support.


A Day in the Life

Take our 5 minute video tour and learn why your employees will love OptEngage.