Built on a Microsoft .Net open source technology stack, OptEngage makes a Fortune 100 type intranet affordable for all organizations.

OptEngage is built on the DNN Platform, a .NET-based open source application development framework that runs on the Microsoft web stack. OptEngage extends the underlying DNN functionality with custom components and apps that deliver the specific services required from a corporate knowledge management platform.

As illustrated in the Architecture Diagram below OptEngage totally segregates business logic and presentation. Specifically, all business rules are codified in the underlying Microsoft SQL Server database.

OptEngage Architecture Diagram

The site look and feel, on the other hand, is controlled through tokenized theme files, style sheets, JavaScript, and C# templates.

This approach allows each client to experience a fully customized look and feel with no impact on the underlying platform functionality or content.

OptEngage Core Functionality

OptEngage extends the underlying DNN platform to support the functionality needed by a contemporary intranet. And OptEngage integrates this functionality items summarized below into a contemporary intranet user experience.

Content Management

Intranet-specific content types are enabled and managed through the robust DNN content management system.

User Management

The core DNN User Profile functionality is extended to support the use cases specific to a corporate intranet.

Active Directory Integration

You can optionally integrate your existing Active Directory accounts into your OptEngage user profiles.

Security Model

OptEngage leverages the native DNN role-based security model to enforce all user access rights, permissions and priveleges.


Enterprise search is supported through customization and extension of the native DNN Lucene search engine.

Responsive Design

Bootstrap delivers an engaging user experience on all  contemporary desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone devices.


Full visibility into your intranet activity is delivered through GoogleAnalytics and custom reporting dashboards.

Templated Design

The presentation is implemented through C# razor templates, allowing for easy customization without code deployments.