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2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the web-based intranet. Yet employees still waste their time (and your company's money) looking for the information they need to do their jobs.

Is Your Intranet Working for You?

Ask a couple of your co-workers what they think about your company’s intranet. I'm guessing you will hear something like: "I don't know because I never use it." or "I try to like it, but it's really hard to find what I need. And most of the information is out of date anyway."

If your employees feel this way, your intranet isn't working for you. You and your employees deserve better!

Why Traditional Intranets Don't Work

You're already familiar with the symptoms of a sub-par intranet: content is hard to find; search doesn't work well; there's a lot of content, but most of it is not relevant to a particular employee; content is stale, and not regularly updated; it doesn't work on mobile devices; and the design is outdated.

To sum it up, the intranet is a collection of company documents and web pages; but this content is not organized in a consistent and understandable fashion. 

So instead of delivering your employees the exact information they need when they need it, the intranet serves up 'spaghetti content.'

Frankly, it’s amazing that your employees can find anything on your intranet!

Spaghetti content


Structured Content

The alternative to spaghetti content is structured content. Structured content is a systems-based approach to intranet design that results in an intranet that actually works for you. This approach enforces a structure that solves the spaghetti content issues with a traditional intranet.

As illustrated below, the nerve center is the cloud-hosted content database.  This database stores your organization's taxonomy, all your digitized content, organizational intelligence and related business rules. In other words, the content database is a digital model of your organization that accurately reflects all aspects of your operations; and organically adapts as your organization grows and evolves.  

The other structured content components (like templates and tags) orchestrate how content is added, organized and formatted on your site. These purpose-built tools insure that your intranet is scalable, compliant with your taxonomy and branding guidelines. 

Structured Content Framework

Structured content transitions your intranet from random content into a knowledge management platform that your employees will love to use.

The OptEngage Approach

Mobile EnabledA cloud-hosted platform based on structured content, OptEngage allows you to migrate your under-performing intranet to a platform that truly meets your needs. And the platform is fully customizable by end users; so highly paid developers or other IT resources are not required.

Our proprietary implementation process insures a simple implementation process; most clients will be live on the platform within 45 days. Any employee who is able to use Google, Facebook, or a word processing app has all the skills needed to access content, contribute new content and collaborate with their co-workers.

Because every aspect of the platform is orchestrated by the underlying relational database and client-specific business rules, OptEngage will scale and adapt as your organization evolves. 

Designed specifically for SMEs, organizations of all sizes can now enjoy the benefits of a platform otherwise limited to large organizations with deep pockets and extensive resources.

The Content Hub

Think of all the content your organization produces. From old-school procedure manuals and press releases through blogs, employee benefits information, Key Performance Indicators, videos, training resources, project schedules, marketing collateral, and product guides; the list goes on forever.

And it's not a one size fits all situation. A blog post is fundamentally different from a compliance guideline or a project dashboard.

OptEngage Content Apps are purpose-built web components that manage all the content your organization produces. Fully integrated into your intranet, these apps insure that your collective intelligence is captured and accessible by all your employees, exactly when they need it.

Content Apps

Check out the suite of OptEngage apps your employees will use to access and manage your content.

All these Content Apps are included in your OptEngage subscription plan; and no development is required to use them. Just add your content and you're good to go!

Making it Happen


I know what you’re thinking: “We need this and it really sounds good; but we don't have the time, money or resources to pull it off.” Don’t be so sure!

You've accurately identified the issues: time, money, and resources. But it's surprisingly easy to upgrade your intranet to OptEgage because of the tools we provide. Let's walk through it.

Time Our proprietary Crawl-Walk-Run implementation process allows most clients to be up and running in 45 days.

Money OptEngage is priced on an affordable Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) subscription plan. You incur no expense for hardware, software or infrastructure.

Resources You will need to assign a Business Analyst as the Project Manager. Your PM will use our online tools and resources to customize OptEngage to your specific requirements. No IT or technical resources are required.

And if you want outside assistance, you can engage one of our Partners.


What this Means to You

BenefitsThink of what it would mean if your all employees had easy access to all your content and collective intelligence on any device, any time, anywhere. This is exactly what you will achieve when you upgrade your under-performing intranet to OptEngage.

OptEngage drives meaningful improvments in your financial, HR management and operational results. Check out the short list of the benefits you will experience, or click here for more details:

  • No capital investment in hardware, software or infrastructure
  • No IT allocation to develop, support or maintain a new system
  • Rapid 45 day implementation
  • Affordable Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) pricing

  • Improved employee productivity and customer service
  • Improved employee onboarding; making your new hires productive as rapidly as possible

Optimized for SMEs

We believe that qualtiy, state of the art corporate knowledge management platforms shouldd not be limited to Fortune 100 companies with deep pockets and extensive resources. Instead, all organizations regardless of their size or industry vertical deserve this type of solution.

OptEngage is designed for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) who do not have the resources or budget for traditional solutions. From pricing, hosting, operational management and implementation, site management and training; all aspects of OptEngage scream success for smaller organizations. For example:

Awesome Economics

Your mileage may vary, but a typical 150 person company can expect to experience an increase of less than a quarter of one percent of the total labor budget.
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  • As a cloud-hosted application, you will spend nothing on hardware, software or infrastructure.
  • You do not need to assign IT resources to develop or support OptEngage.
  • All site management tasks are performed by employees with business analyst skills.
    Your employees manage all the content; there is no need to dedicate HR or marketing resources to keep the content up to date.
  • OptEngage can be used any time, anywhere, on any device; so your remote workers can remain connected and fully engaged.
  • You don't need to limit OptEngage to your employees. You can open up relevant portions of the site to your 1099 workers, consultants, vendors, suppliers, or business partners.
  • You pay for the platform through an affordable PEPM subscription plan.
  • If you decide to engage outside resources to help, you can select an approved vendor through the OptEngage Partner Program.

From a financial perspective, you pay for the solution through an affordable subscription plan that is priced on a Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) basis. Based on your budget an preferences, you can obtain professional services from an OptEngage partner, or not.

Simple economic example of 150 employee service firm. All in allocated expense of less than $12.00 PEPM; which for a typical US-based service firm equates to less than one quarter of one percent increase in your monthly employee spend for labor and benefits.

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About OptEngage

OptEngage is an integrated suite of contemporary features and apps that your employees will love to use.

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Structured Content

By using structured content, OptEngage insures scalability, easy updating and compliance with your taxonomy and styling guidelines.

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Content Hub

Your employees engage with the Content Hub to collaborate, contribute content and keep up to date on all company activities.

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Content Apps

Today’s organizations produce new content at an amazing rate. And the content takes may different forms.

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Think of what it would mean if all your employees could access all your content and collective intelligence on any device, any time, anywhere.

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Built on a Microsoft .Net-based open source technology stack, OptEngage is an ideal technology platform for a contempoary intranet.

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Secure Cloud Hosting

The preferred approach when you don't want the expense and hassle of hosting and managing your intranet.

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Launching your intranet without the right tools is really hard. Take a tip from one who's tried!

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Partner Program

OptEngage is supported by a number of best in class integrators, consulting firms and digital agencies.

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If you're a small or medium size organization, you should not be locked out of a Fortune 100-type intranet solution.

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Case Study

Understand the business case, implementation, and results a typical SME should expect.

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