Sure, your external blog is a key aspect of your marketing strategy. But did you know blogging is great for internal communication and knowledge sharing?

Most companies have discovered the power of a blog on their public-facing websites. But a blog is equally powerful when attached to your intranet. It gives all employees a voice; from CEO through entry level employees. And the fully integrated commenting capability allows for an open and productive two-way discussion on topics that are important and relevant to your organization.

Sample blog post

No Special Skills

It's easy for your employees who want to be a blogger; no special training or skills are needed. As long as you can use a word processor, you're good to go; assuming, of course, you have basic writing skills. 

And you can activate a workflow if you want to have new blog posts reviewed for approval before they are published.

Fully Featured Out of the Box

The OptEngage blog app includes all the features and functions you would expect including:

  • Easy provisioning
  • Simple WYSIWYG page to add/edit blog posts
  • An online 'So you Think you can Blog' training module to help your employees learn how to blog like a pro.
  • Commenting capabilities
  • List of blog posts by blogger
  • Fully searchable through the native OptEngage search engine.
  • The option to moderate all blog posts before they are published.
  • Analytics to keep all bloggers and site managers informed on blog readership.
  • 'Rate this Blog post' feature.
  • Inclusion in the OptEngage Engagement Tracking app.

A Day in the Life

Take our 5 minute video tour and learn why your employees will love OptEngage.