Employee Onboarding App

The OptEngage Employee Onboarding App insures a positive and productive experience for your new hires.

The Importance of an Effective Onboarding Process

Cost of a New Hire

According to the Center for American Progress, companies spend up to 20 percent of annual salary to train a new employee. So if you recruit an employee at a salary of $40,000, you could be on the hook for $8,000 to get this new employee up to speed. Ouch!

Companies dedicate time and money to recruit quality employees. But they generally drop the ball when it comes to onboarding their new hires. Purposely or by oversight, they allow onboarding to play second fiddle to recruiting.

Most companies don't have a formal onboarding process. They make sure the paperwork is completed then hand off the new hire to her department manager.

But managers have neither the training nor skills to structure a good training program; and frankly, they're too busy even if they had the skills. As a result, new hires are thrown into work immediately without training or context; uninformed as to how their activities relate to strategic goals; given access to software apps or other tools with essentially no training; and not socialized in their department's key initiatives.

It's as if the company expects their new hires' enthusiasm to cover for the lack of a decent onboarding approach. But this is backwards. The onus should be on the company — not the new hire — to deliver a positive, engaging, and productive onboarding experience.

It doesn't Have to be this Way

By using a structured onboarding process you will efficiently train your new employees and start their career growth on day one. Your new hires will be productive sooner, more confident, engaged and satisfied in their new position.  And you will optimize your return on your workforce spend.

About the OptEngage Onboarding App

Think about it for a minute. The OptEngage platform is a complete and up to date digital model of your organization, populated with all your corporate intelligence and content. And it knows each employee's role, position and status in the organization. This is pretty much all the information you need to deliver a highly effective employee onboarding experience.

Which is exacly what the OptEngage Employee Onboarding app does. It starts with your digitized content. This content is supplemented with specific business rules like:

  • What tasks must be completed before the new employee's hire date; and who is responsible for each?
  • How many days should the onboarding experience run? 
  • What are the specific tasks the new hire will complete during onboarding?
  • What is the sequence of these tasks?
  • Which employees should meet this new hire?
  • Which software applications should the new hire be trained on?
  • Etc.

The Onboarding App consolidates all this content and business rules into a personalized task list for each new hire. They simply step through their task list and enjoy a positive onboarding experience.

A Day in the Life

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