Sure, OptEngage is packed with a bunch of cool features. But what's important is how these features will make your employees more productive, effective and engaged. And did we mention that your employees will love to use it?

BenefitsThink of what it would mean if all your employees had easy access to all your content and collective intelligence on any device, any time, anywhere.

That is exactly what you get from OptEngage.

The last thing you need is to have to rely on IT or developers to keep your intranet fresh and relevant. All the cool OptEngage features are available out of the box; with no custom development needed. Not only does this keep your site agile, it significantly reduces your total cost of ownership.

OptEngage's feature set is 100% available 'out-of-the-box'. Absolutely no development is required!

Think of how your company’s performance would improve if all employees had easy access to all your content and collective intelligence on any device, any time, anywhere.

Let's take a quick look at the benefits you can expect:

Key Benefits

  • No capital investment in hardware, software or infrastructure
  • No IT allocation to develop, support or maintain a new system
  • Rapid 45 day implementation
  • Affordable Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) pricing

  • Improved employee productivity and customer service
  • Improved employee onboarding; making your new hires productive as rapidly as possible
  • Low cost insurance policy to insure your employees are able to execute your DWT-enabled re-engineered business processes

Financial Benefits

If you’re like most organizations, you work hard to carefully manage your financial resources. You want to avoid uncertainty, manage risk, and get the maximum return on your investments.

You carefully control all your expenses, but pay special attention to big ticket initiatives, like a digital transformation strategy.

OptEngage is a unique and low cost insurance policy to make sure you maximize the ROI from your transformation initiatives. 

Financial Benefits


Human Resource Benefits

Human Resource Benefits

From recruitment, employee onboarding, compliance, coaching, and managing your employee benefit program, HR plays a key role in the success of your organization.

If these tactical activities are not enough, HR must strategically align your human resource and digital transformation activities.

OptEngage supports your HR team by insuring that all employees and supervisors have easy access to all your HR guidelines and practices; while supporting the upskilling needed as your business is digitized.


Operational Benefits

Everyone gets excited thinking about a modernization initiative. What’s not to like? You get to upgrade your technology and business processes; and make your customers happier.

But regardless of the new technology you implement or applications you develop, you still need a skilled and knowledge workforce.

And this is the need that OptEngage meets. Through modern content management and delivery processes, you know that your employees have the information needed to excel.

Operational Benefits


A Day in the Life

Take our 5 minute video tour and learn why your employees will love OptEngage.