Company News

Keep up to date on all your organization's news, announcements and press releases.

In the early days of corporate intranets, Company News and Announcements was some of the most read content. Times are different now, and companies have more advanced ways to communicate. But there is still a need for an evergreen repository of company news and announcements.

Company News Article

From press releases, company wide announcements, employee benefit updates through regional, division or department-level updates, the effective distibution of company news remains critical to an organization's performance.


The OptEngage Company News App supports:

  • Fully intgrated into search.
  • FIlterable and sortable article listings
  • The ability to tag specific articles as 'Must Read'; meaning each employee is required to access the article page
  • Automatic inclusion of new articles in each user's News Feeds and My Dashboard page
  • The ability for users to comment and rate each article
  • The option to enable a content moderation workflow on each new article.

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