Document Repository

From contacts, spreadsheets, presentations and press releases; you need a way to manage your documents.

Document RepositoryThe OptEngage Document Repository app allows your users to easily add and locate documents. Whether you brows3 the Document Repository listing page or search by keyword, all your documents are easily findable.  

In addition, the Document Repository is optimized to surface relevant documents based on the intranet page the user is accessing. For example, if the user is visiting a specific project page in the OptEngage Project Tracker app, all documents related to the project will be displayed in the Documents tab on the project page.

The same goes for all other categories, including Products,  Departments, or Workspaces.

Out-of-the-box, the app supports all the functionality most organizations require of their online document repository. Your site admins  customize the app to meet your specific requirements using the point and click configuration manager; there's no need to involve IT or write custom code.

Supports all Your Documents

The repository supports two document hosting modes:

Native Documents  In this mode, the user uploads a document directly to the intranet using the document upload wizard.

Linked Documents In this mode, the user registers documents already hosted on another application, such as Office 365 or Google Suite.

In either mode, each document is tagged so that it automatically referenced on each applicable intranet page and findable through search.

A Day in the Life

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