Employee Directory

It's pretty tough to collaborate with your co-workers if you can't find them! OptEngage makes it easy to find who you need and build connections.

One of the most common intranet use cases is to locate a co-worker. Want to find a co-worker's contact information by name? Check! How about finding a co-worker by department or job title? Check again! Or maybe you want to find a co-worker who speaks Spanish. Check, check, check!

Employee Directory

The OptEngage Employee Directory is fully customizable and enables you to configure your searches however it makes sense for your organization.

And your employees self-profile their data through the OptEngage Employee Profile page (for example, identifying any language fluency or areas of expertise). This puts your employees in charge of their own brand so your Directory is always fresh, accurate and relevant.

A Day in the Life

Take our 5 minute video tour and learn why your employees will love OptEngage.