Employee Handbook

The OptEngage Employee Handbook App helps you stay compliant.

Your Employee Handbook is critical to how you communicate your employment practices, company culture, plus HR policies and procedures.

Employee HandbookYour OptEngage Employee Handbook app comes in two flavors:

HTML This option gives a fully integrated web version of your employment guidelines and practices.

PDF  If you already have a PDF version and don't want to take the time to transfer it to HTML pages, OptEngage will simply integrate your existing PDF.

Ask HR

Regardless of the mode selected, employees may still have questions that are not adequately adddressed in your handbook.  So the OptEngage Employee Handbook app includes an integrated 'Ask HR' form that allows your users to submit their questions through the intranet and automatically routes the query to the applicable HR colleague for a response.

Employee Onboarding Support

Also, the Employee Handbook app is automatically included in your Employee Onboarding App to insure that all new employees are exposed to your company's employement practices and guidelines.

Required Reading

Whenever you update or add to your online handbook, each employee is automatically assigned a task to review the new material. You have full visibility into any colleagues who have not reviewed the new content.


A Day in the Life

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