Engagement Tracking App

Quick — which employees contribute the most content to your intranet? Which departments are most engaged?

Your OptEngage Engagement Dashboard gives you on-demand visibility into how each employee uses your intranet. From adding content to consuming information, you always know who your biggest contributors are; and conversely, the employees that should be encouraged to be more involved.

Engagement Tracking

Engagement vs. Influence

OptEngage tracks employee involvement on two dimensions: 

Engagement: Engagement is defined as the total intranet transactions (content submissions and views) performed by each user. 

Influence: Influence is defined as the total intranet transactions performed by other employees against content contributed by the employee.

In other words, an employee's Engagement score indicates the extent to which this employee adds and consumes intranet content. An employee's Influence score, on the other hand, indicates the extent to which the content she contributed to the intranet has been consumed by other employees.

Engagement Reporting

The actual Engagement and Influence values are reported in several different contexts, including:

Employee-specific Score: Each employee's current Engagement and Influence score is published on the employee's intranet profile page.

Consolidated Employee Reports Site Admins have access to tabular reports that communicate the Engagement and Influence scores for all employees.

Group Based Visualizations: Data visualizations allow users to compare the actual Engagement and Influence scores by team member. These visualizations are used to illustrate the key content contributors and consumers within a group, such as a department, workspace or project team.

Employee Activity Tracking Report

A Day in the Life

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