Key Performance Indicators

Quick — how is your sales team performing against their sales goals? What about your Support team's SLA compliance? Keep up to date on these and other KPIs with OptEngage.

Key Performance IndicatorsYour Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an excellemt way for your managers to know how they are performing. 

But the power of KPIs is not limited to your management team.

They are equally important to each employee. KPIs provide the feedback to allow each employee, department or work group to know how well they are meeting their goals; and to take corrective action when indicated.

This is critical to insuring that each individuals understands how their activities affect the overall performance of your organization.

It's all about Transparency!

Every organization strives for transparency; and publishing your KPIs is a great way to become more transparent. The OptEngage KPI app surfaces this information and makes it available to all your employees all the time.

Private KPIs

Having said that, there are good reasons for limiting access to some KPIs. No problem. You can easily limit access to some KPIs using standard  OptEngage security roles.

Full KPI Support

Out of the box, OptEngage supports the most commonly used KPIs for key business functions, including sales, marketing, HR, Customer Service, IT, etc. In addition, you can easily add your own custom KPIs using the OptEngage KPI builder tool.

A Day in the Life

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