My Dashboard

Your personalized punch-list of tasks, required reading, alerts, activities and assignments.

Even small organizations with an engaged workforce produce tons of intranet content. While this is incredibly positive, it can be really difficult for employees to keep up with all that's happening at your company. And God forbid you're gone for a week on vacation!

My Dashboard

Personalized Task and Reading Lists

That's where the OptEngage Dashboard comes in. This page gives each employee a personalized and easy to consume chronoligical listing of all relevant updates and alerts.

So instead off stumbling around or relying on email to keep up to date, you just spend a few minutes reviewing your personalized dashboard page. And within minutes you're caught up.

And to further simplify the process, each user's dashboard is organized into the following feeds:

Department News  Links to all department wiki updates, forum posts, and new hires.

Company News  Links to all company announcements, press releases and the like.

HR Updates Employee Benefit updates plus HR policy updates or announcements.

Tasks A personalized task list of all open tasks assigned to the current user.

Projects Links to each project the current user is working on.

Workspaces Links to each workspace the current user participates in.

A Day in the Life

Take our 5 minute video tour and learn why your employees will love OptEngage.