News Feeds

Need to catch up on the latest company news, events or content updates? No problem — just spend a few minutes in your personalized News Feed and you're all caught up.

News FeedWhether you're a fan or Facebook or not, one thing you can't argue with: they made the world appreciate the power of a personalized news feed. And today virtually every social media site has incorporated their own version of a news feed to serve up personalized, timely and relevant content to each user.

Which is why a news feed is so critical to your intranet. Your users expect it; and it really helps improve communication, knowledge transfer and productivity through your organization.

The OptEngage News Feed App

OptEngage harnesses the power of News Feeds through a custom app designed specifically for the needs of your employees. It aggregates all relevant content by category into easy to consume link lists. Your employees simply scan the desired feed for a high level understanding; knowing that complete details are just a click away.

Targeted  Feeds

Want to find out the latest activity by Department, KPI, Project or Workspace? No problem; just head on over to the desired feed.

In short, OptEngage applies a custom News Feed to each of the main areas on your site. Each specialized feed aggregates all intranet updates that apply to the resource; making it really quick and easy for employees to keep up to date.

Prefer Check Lists?

Are you a person who cuts to the chase? You don't want to look at your feed; and would rather just see your list of unread items? No problem; just visit your My Dashboard page for your short list of unread items and open tasks you need to address.

A Day in the Life

Take our 5 minute video tour and learn why your employees will love OptEngage.