Project Tracker

Most SMEs can't afford the luxury of a Project Management Office or sophisticated project management software. But diligent project management, governance, and communication is essential.

If your organization is like most, you have a number of projects underway at any time. And because you don't have dedicated professional project managers, your project teams rely on email and Excel to track the particulars of each project; things like project goals and deliverables,scope,  timeline, milestones, status, team members, project documents and the like.

Unfortunately, email and Excel just won't cut it! You have neither a single repository of all project content and activities; nor an effective way to team members to collaborate.

The OptEngage Approach

The OptEngage project management app allows you to easily track the status and details of all your projects. It starts with a searchable and filterable inventory listing of all your projects:

Project Inventory

By clicking on any project in the list, you are taken to the project microsite where complete details are available.

Project Microsite

Each project has its own project microsite. The microsite landing page, which is accessible by all employees assigned to the project team, makes all project information available from one space.

Project Microsite

Project team members have access to all project details, including:

  • Project documents
  • Project Status, due date and milestones
  • Project team members
  • Project news feed presenting a chronological list of all project updates and activities
  • Discussion forum where team members collaborate

The OptEngage project management app is built on project management best practices. For example, it fully integrates the traditional RAG (Red - Amber - Green) project tracking methodology.

Already Use a Project Management App?

Perhaps you use one of the cloud-based PM apps like Wrike or Podio. In this case you will continue to use your existing PM tool, but simply display your dashboards in your intranet for immediate visibility into project status. And the project team members will simply click through to the PM app for details.

A Day in the Life

Take our 5 minute video tour and learn why your employees will love OptEngage.