Site Management Console

Everything you need is pre-built; all you do is adjust the settings to meet your specific needs.

No offense, but that last thing you need is to rely on your IT staff to keep your intranet up to date and relevant. With OptEngage you are in total control; your IT team will have virtually no involvement in managing, maintaining or supporting your site.

Your Site Management Console allows business users to independently manage every aspect of your intranet, from content management through site administration.

Content Management

Your intranet is all about content. Your employees will abandon the site in droves if it does not deliver current and relevant content. 

No Random Content!

Are you concerned that when all employees add content your site will spin out of control? Don't be! OptEngage structured content insures that all new content complies with your standards.

And OptEngage is engineered so that all employees use the platform to collaborate and to share their knowledge, insights and observations.

All content updates are 100% performed by your business users, You don't need IT to add or edit content on your site; ever! And your employees don't need to submit their content updates to a select group off Content Providers; each employee is empowered to independently share their knowledge.

This is possible through the bullet-proof OptEngage content management tools. These tools enforce OptEngage's structured content framework, and enable any employee with basic Excel or Word skills to successfully managed content on the site.

Visit the Content Management page for more details. 

Site Administration

Out-of-the-box, OptEngage supports all the functionality most organizations require of their intranet. But each company needs to customize the base OptEngage Content Apps and templates to meet their specific requirements.  These updates are handled by business users through the point and click configuration pages; developers or IT support is not required to customize OptEngage to your specific needs.

Site Management Console
Site Management Console

The OptEngage Site Management Console enables your business users to configure all aspects of your site, from branding, business rules, security roles, alerts, and the like.

But we have special requirements

Of course you do! Every company is different, and you need to incorporate your the unique aspects of your organization in your intranet.

And this is where the Site Management Console really shines. Virtually all customizations can be successfully implemented through the Management Console by your business users. And you always have the option to contact us or one of our partners to handle any unsupported requirements.



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