User Management App

User management for an intranet is pretty simple right? Just make sure your employees can access the site. Well, it's not quite that simple.

Managing your intranet users is a matter of making sure all your employees have access to the intranet content that's relevant to them. For example, you want your new employees to have access to your Onboarding Workspace; and you want to make sure that a newly appointed Team Leader has access to the Management Team Workspace.

The good news is OptEngage includes the tools needed to make managing your users a breeze!

Much of these administrative tasks are automated through the optional Active Directory integration. And the items that are not automated are supported through the out of the box OptEngage User Management tools and dashboard.

User Management Tasks

Here are some of the tasks that are processed through the User Management app:

  • Remove site access when an employee terminates employment.
  • Update user permissions when an employee transfers departments or receives a promotion.
  • Create an account for new hires; either manually or through an export from your HRIS.
  • Update the specific user profile fields you want to centralize (like Job Title, business Email address, or Date of Hire). Each user manages their other profile fields (like bio, headshot, telephone, etc.) through the self-service Employee Profile app.

Strategic Considerations

Intranet user management encompasses more than the administrative tasks of insuring that all employees are properly provisioned on the site. Strategically, you need to worry about the overall adoption and utilization of your site.

For example:

  • Is the performance of some departments, workgroups or project teams lagging? And could the performance issues be related to a lack of intranet engagement by the underperforming team menbers?
  • Could your New Employee Onboarding processes be improved by better utilization of your OptEngage onboarding tools?
  • What employees rank hightes (or lowest) in their intranet Engagement and Influence scores? 

You have on-demand access to these types of insights through the OptEngage Reporting Portal; allowing you to easily monitor and optimize the performance of your intranet.

A Day in the Life

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