OptEngage Workspaces are virtual communities that facilitate collaboration across your departments, project teams or work groups.

It used to be so easy. Every employee was a member of a department, and they all worked in the same location. 

Workspaces are virtual communities for collaborating across teams, projects, clubs, departments, or committees. Each workspace has its own navigation and permissions, so it’s like an 'intranet inside your intranet. '

But it's different today. Many employees work remote and most participate in any number of workgroups. Sure, collaboration with your department members is still really important; but employees also need to collaborate with members of other work groups, project teams, task forces, committees, interest groups or other cross-department teams. 

And to a large extent, the success of these teams can be traced directly to the ability of all team members to efficiently communicate, collaborate and engage with their teammates; regardless of their physical location.

This is where the OptEngage Workspace app shines. Any group in your organization — regardless of size, duration or responsibilities — can be easily supported through its own virtual community workspace.


Robust Feature Set

The OptEngage Workspace App supports all the features you expect from an enterprise collaboration platform, including:

Fully Templated
All workspaces are implemented from pre-built templates, customized for the specific type of group. Multiple workspace template categories are included out of the box including Departments, Projects, Employee Onboarding, Leadership Teams, Product Management, and ad hoc cross-functional teams.

Three Membership Modes
These workspace membership modes are supported:

  • Open Access  Any employee can participate in this workspace.
  • Request Access  Any employee can ask to join the workspace, but their request must be approved by the workspace manager.
  • Invitation Only Participation is by invitation only.

Well Oiled Communication Flow
Team member communication is facilitated through the following tools:

  • Discussion Forum Workspace members communicate through a dedicated discussion forum.
  • Roster Listing of active workspace members, hyperlinked to each member's user profile.
  • Document Management Workspace documents are added to the Document Repository and accessed through the Documents tab on the Workspace page.
  • News Feed All Workspace updates are chronicled in the News Feed tab for easy access by team members.

A Day in the Life

Take our 5 minute video tour and learn why your employees will love OptEngage.