Employee Benefits Microsite

Employee Benefits content is arguably the most read content on many corporate intranets.

So the Employee Benefits section of your intranet deserves special attention: it must meet your employees' needs without being a burder on your HR or Employee Benefits team to manage.

And in today's world, many employers already have an Employee Benefits microsite provided through their broker, insurance carrier or third party administrator. If you fall in this category you certainly don't want to duplicate this content and enrollment tools in your intranet.

On the other hand, many organizations do not have this option, and are on their own in terms of their employee benefit communication. These organizations typically make Employee Benefits available through a shared network drive and/or host bespoke benefit pages on their intranet.

The good news is that, out-of-the-box, OptEngage can improve the employee experience for each of these scenario. Here's how.

We Already Have an Employee Benefits Microsite

If you already have a benefits microsite provided by a third party, you will continue to use it. But you won't bother to migrate or duplicate your benefits content in OptEngage.

But you do have the option to customize OptEngage to enhance the employee experience. Here are several OptEngage updates you should consider:

  • One step in your OptEngage Employee Onboarding app is for the new hire to review their benefit options and enroll in their coverages. You will configure this step in the Onboarding App so the calls to action link to the applicable pages on your existing benefits site.
  • Use the OptEngage Company News app to communicate communicate benefit updates (like open enrollment dates, changes in voluntary benefit offerings, and the like) to your employees. This is especially powerful because each Company News update will produce a personalized alert in each employees My Dashboard page.

The net result is you will continue to use your existing benefits microsite, but enhance the employee experience through OptEngage.

We Don't Have an Employee Benefits Microsite

In this case you will customize the out-of-the-box Employee Benefits microsite. Specifically, your benefits team will add your benefits content and links to OptEngage using the standard OptEngage content management tools. Anyone that can use Excel or Word has the skills needed to populate the OptEngage Employee Benefits microsite with your custom content; no technical skills are required.



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