Extranet App

Your intranet is all about your employees, right? Well yes, but you might also want your contractors or vendors to access to some of your intranet content and tools.

Many organizations supplement their employee population with third party providers, contactors and out-sourcing agreements. And to maximimize results, you will want these individuals to have targeted access to some of your intranet content.

For example:

  • A school district would make some content available to its substitute teachers or non-employee athletic staff.
  • A real estate firm would make some content and tools available to its independent agents.
  • A software company would make large portions of their intranet content to their 1099 contractors.

Anyway, you get the point. A strict rule that limits access to your W-2 based employees may prevent you from realizing the full benefit of the platform.

No problem; with OptEngage you can easily configure your site to support this access. And better yet, this is all done by your Site Administrators; IT is not required.

All you do is decide the specific Content Apps that you would like to make available to non-employees. For example, you might want to make the Project Tracker app available to contractors working on the project team; but exclude all non-employees from your Employee Benefits microsite.

Implementation is a breeze. You use the applicable tools in your Site Management Console to adjust the permissions; then provision your external users through the User Management app. And the Reporting Portal includes reports and alerts that allow you  to determine when access should be restricted or terminated.

A Day in the Life

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